Ne.T.S. is located at IUSS, Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza della Vittoria 15, I-27100 Pavia (Italy)
Both Malpensa and Linate airports are pretty well connected to Pavia (but only Malpensa has intercontinental flights).
Linate is much closer to Pavia.
By taxi the whole trip would take 40 minutes and the cost would be around 80 euros.
Alternatively, from Linate there are many options:
  • Direct bus to Pavia
  • Take a coach to Milano Centrale, and then a train to Pavia.
  • Take a cab to Milano Rogoredo (approximately 15 euros), and then a train to Pavia.
  • Take a bus to San Babila, the metro (red line) to Loreto and the metro (green line) to Milano Centrale, and then a train to Pavia.
If you arrive at Malpensa you can get the suburban train from the airport to Milano. It leaves every 30 minutes Then you get off at Milano Porta Garibaldi and take the suburban line S13, which gets you to Pavia. S13 leaves every 30 minutes
The two segments take 40 minutes each.
If you choose to travel directly from Malpensa to Pavia by taxi, the cost is around 130 euros.
Pavia is rahter close to Milan and few hotels are available downtown; people often decide to find an accommodation in Milan (possibly close to Milan - Pavia train shuttle stations). For accommodation (both in Pavia & Milan), we suggest to browse Booking and/or Airbnb offers (Hotel Moderno, Aurora and Excelsior are the closest ones to the city center and to IUSS) .
Another typical opportunity for staying in Pavia is to ask for a room in one of our College Guesthouses: