Research on Neurolinguistics
  • Neurobiological foundations of syntax
  • Possible vs. impossible languages
  • Neuropragmatics and neural basis of figurative language
  • Negation in the brain
  • The quest for the neurobiological basis of syntax by awake surgical procedures
Research on Theoretical syntax
  • Computation, recursion and complexity
  • Theory of Movement (Long Distance Dependencies)
  • Clause structure (expletives, copular inversion and unaccusativity)
  • Syntax-semantics interface (focus, vocative, definiteness effect)
  • Directionality (Top-Down, Left-Right) of phrase structure building
Research on Philosophy of mind and language
  • Consciousness and subjectivity
  • Neuroethics and Philosophy of neuroscience
  • Philosophical logic and formal semantics
  • Logic and philosophy of mathematics
  • Mind and society
Research on social neuroscience
  • Language, cognitive disorders and neurodegenerative disease
  • Neural organization of semantic memory
  • Episodic memory, normal and pathological aging
  • Neural bases of economic decision
  • Neural bases of socio-emotional changes in brain disorders
NeTS center is fully equipped for psycholinguistic experiments:
  • Eye Tracker - EyeLink 2000 Hz
  • CEDRUS response pad
  • ZOOM H4 - digital recorder
  • SAMSUNG HMX-Q100BP HD - video recorder
  • SPSS
  • Presentation Software