Luca Bischetti
Selected publications
  • Lecce S., L. Ronchi, P. Del Sette, L. Bischetti, V. Bambini (2019) Interpreting physical and mental metaphors: Is Theory of Mind associated with pragmatics in middle childhood?. Journal of Child Language 46(2):393-407
  • Canal P., L. Bischetti, S. Di Paola, C. Bertini, I. Ricci, V. Bambini (2019) ‘Honey, shall I change the baby? – Well done, choose another one’: ERP and time-frequency correlates of humor processing. Brain and Cognition 132:41-55
  • Bischetti L., I. Ceccato, S. Lecce, E. Cavallini, V. Bambini (2019) Pragmatics and theory of mind in older adults’ humor comprehension. Current Psychology 1-17