Elia Zanin
Selected publications
  • Zanin E., M. Riva, V. Bambini, S. Cappa, L. Magrassi, A. Moro (2017) The contribution of surgical brain mapping to the understanding of the anatomo-functional basis of syntax: A critical review. Neurological Sciences 38(9):1579–1589
  • Zanin E., M. Viola (2016) L’area di Broca non è un genere naturale. (to appear in) Sistemi Intelligenti, 28(2)
  • Cappa S., E. Catricalà, E. Zanin, A. Falini, N. Canessa (2016) The role of feature type and semantic domain in effective connectivity underlying semantic retrieval. Program No. 363.03/LLL48.. Neuroscience Meeting Planner. San Diego, CA
  • Zanin E., M. Viola (2015) Broca’s area: what if it doesn’t exist, after all?. NeaScience, 2(9), 160-163